one step ahead.

Exosomes have enormous potential for the future of medicine. They can be modified on their surface to transport them specifically from cell to cell, loaded with therapeutic cargo (medicine), and have outstanding potential in regenerative medicine, especially in immunomodulation and tissue regeneration.

novaxomx’s research and development approach is based on a patented „exosome“ technology. The bioactive nanovesicles are secreted from human stem cells or derived from autologous platelets. They are introduced with carrier materials and enable intercellular communication, which is crucial for regenerative processes in the human body. The extracellular vesicles are obtained from the surplus production of high-quality, tested blood products. These blood products are continuously supplied by certified blood banks for clinical primary care.

As part of the joint venture, the bone and tissue regenerative properties of this exosome technology will be adequately investigated. For this purpose, novaxomx can draw on the excellent networks of the parent companies curasan and XlifeSciences and start the project as early as 2023.